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MLP Princess Luna and Celestia Valentine Day by Felox08
by Felox08

This is a very lovely piece! I really love how sexy the outfits came out and the wings look beautiful! Especially how the top part of t...

MLP - Preparing for Swimsuit Contest by Felox08
by Felox08

You did a fabulous job on this! I really love how beautiful Twilight Sparkle and Rarity look and how sexy the bikini's are! And I love ...




Hello my friends, watchers and assorted DA people. I felt like making this Journal after seeing the new Godzilla movie as well as news about Sailor Moon anime being licensed by Viz Media.

First, Godzilla was a awesome movie! Everything was very well done and even the human story line was gripping and made you wonder what was going to happen in the end. I don't want to give anything away, but Godzilla looked fantastic! So much better then the 98' version! If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it! ^^

And lastly, Viz Media announced they they have gotten the rights to bring the original Sailor Moon Anime back to North America. This version will be uncut, which means no missing episodes and will have a new English dub. It will also keep the original names of all the characters and their relationships intact as well. So we won't have Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune as 'cousins' and Zoeicite will be played by a male voice actor. And it will be done by a company that knows how to treat the anime with the respect it deserves. And being a fan of Ranma 1/2 and Bleach, I have high hopes that Viz will do just that. ^^ 

That's everything for now. Any thoughts or coments are welcome and I have you all have a great day! ^^


United States
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How many are enjoying my comic that Jadenkaiba is working with me on? 

31 deviants said I love it! I want to see more!
2 deviants said Its horrible! You should be ashamed of yourself. XD
1 deviant said Its okay, but hypnosis stories aren't for me.

Commissions I would love to make someday...

A Hypno pic of three girls in cheerleader outfits in honor of the New York Giants wininng Super Bowl XLI (I'm a huge Giants fan)

Ran Mori (Detective Conana/Cased Closed) hypnotized into being a jewel theif for a corrupt hynotist

Peorth having to deal with an amorus Urd when one of her love potions gets botched

Kaa hypnotizing Kagome and Sango in thier underwear

Batgirl and Catwoman brainwashed to be the Joker's new henchwomen and wearing sexy versions of Harely Quin's outfit

Some more Dark Corruption with heroines being enslaved by the bad girls

More hypnotized Harem Dancers! While I really like hypno maids and hynpo bunnys, but I really love Hypno Harem Dancers! =)

More hypno pics of the Outer Senshi (because there are so very few)

A Christmas pic called 'Hypnotized Santa-chan and her Eight Sexy Slave Deer'

Hypno pics of sexy anime moms wearing sexy outfits. Hope this doesn't offend anyone =)

Girls transformed into Robot Nurses! =)

Girls transformed into Genie girls! =)

More coming soon...


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Good luck. 
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