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Commissioned Hypno pics

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MLP Princess Luna and Celestia Valentine Day by Felox08
by Felox08

This is a very lovely piece! I really love how sexy the outfits came out and the wings look beautiful! Especially how the top part of t...

MLP - Preparing for Swimsuit Contest by Felox08
by Felox08

You did a fabulous job on this! I really love how beautiful Twilight Sparkle and Rarity look and how sexy the bikini's are! And I love ...





Hypnotized At The Beach
Hi everyone! Here is a new commission I made from :iconerohd: He's a really great artist so check out his DA page! This time, it looks like Gwen Tennyson and Apirl O'neil were enjoying a day at the beach when a mysterious hypnotic song entranced them both. 

Thanks again to :iconerohd: for the wonderful work! 
Gadget Maid Hypno Version
Hi everyone! Here is a new commission I got from :iconerohd: 

Looks like Gadget either fell under Dale's hypnotic powers, or has been brainwashed by Fatcat to be his hypnotized maid! 

I hope you all enjoy it and check out :iconerohd: for more of his work as well as the non-hypno version. ^^
Hi everyone. I hope all of you have been doing well. ^^ I haven't seen any new movies since Ant-Man and really can't think of anything else to write about. So I figured I ask if any of you have heard about S.H. Figuarts collectibles? What are S.H. Figuarts you might ask? Well they're action figures produced by Bandai that are super possible and come with stands to help keep your figure in a nifty pose such as a flight or jumping poses. Also, they stay on their feet pretty well without the stand. They also come with an assortment of different accessories, most notibly interchangable hands to make your figure pose mimic what you've seen on T.V. look perfect. Depending on the characters. they may also come with other things like mutliple faces for different expressions and multiple hair pieces as well. There are a whole load of different figures from all kinds of series ranging from anime to live action to even video games. That's right! They have a Mario, Luigi and Yoshi figures as well as an assortment of bonus packs to let you create or own version of a Super Mario scene like Goomas, Koopa Troopas, musrooms, coins, blocks, bricks and more! They even a new Fire Mario figure coming out soon.

Other figures from classic series include Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Once Piece Digimon, live action series like Power Rangers/Super Sentai figures, Kamen/Masked Rider and even V.R. Troopers/Metal Heroes and Big Bad Beetle Borgs (Can't remember the Japanese equivilent. But they don't just have things based from Japan. They also have done figures for Iron Man, Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Batman, The Joker, Harely Quin and even Star Was Figures. Ever wanted to reenact the famous Death Star Duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker? Now you can! And all the figures are nicely detailed. You can also add some Storm Troopers if you wanted. 

I'm really amazed at how these figures can be posed and the color detail about them. In fact, for the American Release of the MMPR line, they made a female sculpt for the Yellow Ranger while releasing a male sculpt for the Japanese release. This was a nice touch that they didn't really needed to do, but made figure that fans of the american series would want in their collection. I've got a pretty good collection myself and even just pre-ordered a few figures for upcoming releases. Also, Check out to see when they go on sale for certain figures. 

There's also a sub catagory for collectible statues called S.H. Figuarts Zero. These are statues of your favorite characters in battle poses. I don't have many of these because their pretty expensive close to $90 so I haven't gotten any of them yet. 

So far, my collection includes all the Sailor Moon ladies except for Chibi-Moon and Tuxedo Kamen/Mask. I've also ordered the new Super Sailor Moon figure coming out soon as well as Sailor Pluto coming out in December. Im holding off on Sailor V, Sailor Venus's original identity due to money restraints, but I hope to get that one in the future.

I also have all the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger figures including the White Ranger and a special edition Black Ranger wearing the Dragon Shield. 

And my collection also includes Nami from One Piece and Android 18 from DBZ. I'm hoping to get more from those lines soon, but again, money restraints. 

And finally I learned that one of my favorite anime series Ranma 1/2 is getting its own S.H. Figuarts line starting in January of next year! I've already pre-ordered Ranma-chan, but Ranma-Kun, Genma-Panda and Shampoo will be released some time next year too. I really hope they make a Nabiki figure. She's my favorite character of the series and if they do, I think I'll die a happy man. XD

Well that about wraps it up. I would love for you to tell me your thoughts on this subject and if you have any collections of your own, but please be civil and polite. ^^ Thanks for listening everyone and have a nice day! ^^


United States
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Which Movie do you think will be the most successful this year? ^^ 

58 deviants said Avengers: Age Of Ultron
45 deviants said Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Wakens
10 deviants said Jurassic World
5 deviants said Pixels
5 deviants said Hotel Transelvania 2
4 deviants said Inside Out
1 deviant said Terminator Genesis

Commissions I would love to make someday...

A Hypno pic of three girls in cheerleader outfits in honor of the New York Giants wininng Super Bowl XLI (I'm a huge Giants fan)

Ran Mori (Detective Conana/Cased Closed) hypnotized into being a jewel theif for a corrupt hynotist

Peorth having to deal with an amorus Urd when one of her love potions gets botched

Kaa hypnotizing Kagome and Sango in thier underwear

Batgirl and Catwoman brainwashed to be the Joker's new henchwomen and wearing sexy versions of Harely Quin's outfit

Some more Dark Corruption with heroines being enslaved by the bad girls

More hypnotized Harem Dancers! While I really like hypno maids and hynpo bunnys, but I really love Hypno Harem Dancers! =)

More hypno pics of the Outer Senshi (because there are so very few)

A Christmas pic called 'Hypnotized Santa-chan and her Eight Sexy Slave Deer'

Hypno pics of sexy anime moms wearing sexy outfits. Hope this doesn't offend anyone =)

Girls transformed into Robot Nurses! =)

Girls transformed into Genie girls! =)

More coming soon...


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